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What our clients are saying...

"Working with Managed Hosting Partners has completely changed the way we think about hosting and maintaining our clients websites.

With secure testing environments for every project (and for no extra time or cost!), MHP’s solution saves our team a huge amount of time. Plus, the automated monitoring means that we’re always one step ahead of our clients when issues do arise, which has been incredible for building trust with our clients.

I couldn’t imagine going back to hosting sites like we did in the past – I couldn’t recommend the MHP team more highly."
Donna Anderson Jones
Donna Anderson-Jones
"MHP is invaluable to my business, not only delivering a great service but going above and beyond helping me with other challenges and recommending improvements that can be made for my clients.

I can’t recommend him highly enough."
Simon Grigor
Simon Grigor
"MHP's expertise has been amazing for my business. They respond quickly to emails and nothing is too much trouble.

They are able to explain the tech terms I need to know and then taken care of the areas I don't personally need to worry about. They also liaise with other IT specialists I use and help decide on the best plan of attack, in order to ensure my website is secure, fast and passes all the tests it needs to. I highly recommend them to everyone."
Tracey Smith
Tracey Smith
Identify Marketing