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How MHP were able to help the Digital Agency - Quadramedia

Quadramedia, a leading figure in New Zealand’s web design industry, faced a significant challenge as their client projects grew in scale and complexity.

Their initial use of shared web hosting and a subsequent shift to a “virtual private server” proved inadequate, hampered by a lack of in-house technical expertise and underperforming outcomes. This is where Managed Hosting Partners stepped in, offering a robust, WordPress-focused hosting solution that effectively addressed these challenges.

Managed Hosting Partners revolutionised Quadramedia’s hosting experience with critical features like zero-downtime updates, proactive issue monitoring, cost-effective development environments, and expert go-live assistance. This partnership enhanced Quadramedia’s website performance and reliability. It transformed them into a client technical consultant, offering insights in areas like site speed optimisation, international audience engagement, and security. Our collaboration underscores our commitment to driving digital success through strategic hosting partnerships.

Donna Anderson Jones

“Working with Managed Hosting Partners has completely changed the way we think about hosting and maintaining our clients websites.

With secure testing environments for every project (and for no extra time or cost!), MHP’s solution saves our team a huge amount of time. Plus, the automated monitoring means that we’re always one step ahead of our clients when issues do arise, which has been incredible for building trust with our clients.

I couldn’t imagine going back to hosting sites like we did in the past – I couldn’t recommend the MHP team more highly.”

Donna Anderson-Jones

What makes Managed Hosting Partners different?

Our ethos is simple yet powerful: we strive for excellence in every aspect – for you, your clients, and their website visitors. It’s an ecosystem where everyone benefits. By choosing Managed Hosting Partners, you’re not just selecting a service provider but gaining a dedicated technical partner. Our engineering experts are more than support staff; they are architects of your online success, deeply invested in your journey, and offer bespoke advice at each stage of the hosting lifecycle.

There’s a reason WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet, but we know it doesn’t come without its challenges. Our managed hosting solutions go beyond simply keeping your site up – we offer end-to-end support across the entire hosting lifetime and ecosystem.

Imagine having an outsourced Chief Hosting Officer (CHO) – that’s the level of commitment and expertise we bring to the table.

Our commitment is long-term and unwavering. We’re here to ensure that all your hosting needs are met and exceeded with a strategy that’s as forward-thinking as your agency’s. With Managed Hosting Partners, you’re set for uninterrupted digital growth and excellence.

Unleashing digital potential with tailored hosting solutions

In the dynamic world of digital agencies, the need for advanced hosting solutions is paramount, yet managing them in-house can be daunting.

That’s where our expertise shines.

At Managed Hosting Partners, we don’t just offer hosting solutions; we provide peace of mind. Our services seamlessly integrate into your workflow, allowing you to focus on your core strengths.

At the same time, we ensure your client’s websites are performing optimally. It’s about making your life easier, ensuring that technology serves as a springboard for success, not a hurdle.

Flexible pricing to suit your agency needs


Piece-of-mind client hosting.
$ 199 Monthly
  • Ideal for agency-scale hosting 1
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited staging / testing sites
  • 35 days of continuous backups (file & database)
  • Proactive external uptime monitoring
  • Priority support (< 4 hours)
  • Up to 10,000 sessions per month 2
  • FREE site migration 3
  1. Up to 14 websites may be hosted on a single plan. Talk to us about adding more websites.
  2. Monthly sessions are averaged over a period of 12 months. The limit of 10,000 sessions applies across all websites.
    Tiered pricing applies per additional sessions:
    < 100,000 sessions $0.0145
    > 100,000 sessions $0.0105
    Websites below 700 sessions count as 700 sessions.
  3. Free site migration is conditional upon complexity and integration with third party applications. Contact us if would you like us to take a look at the site(s) you are wanting to transfer.

Benefits of hosting with MHP

Unlimited staging sites & bug fixing

Unlimited staging/testing sites

Staging/testing sites are the best way to ensure that new developments don’t cause outages to your client’s websites. Their only downside is that they can be cost prohibitive and challenging to manage – but they don’t have to be. We solve this by implementing testing environments with every site we manage, at no extra cost – meaning you can build and deploy with confidence.

Scheduled security updates

Scheduled security updates

As a market leader in open source CMS, WordPress gets its fair share of focus by hackers and virus authors. Security updates are a normal and necessary part of keeping your client’s websites safe, and they don’t need to be costly or complicated to manage. We take care of ongoing maintenance and security updates in a planned and systematic way, so that your clients stay safe without additional charge.

Ready for any size & scale

Ready for any size & scale

Are your clients servicing customers from around the world? There are many challenges in making sites work for different international audiences, but if you partner with us, hosting and engaging with international markets won’t be one of yours.

Technical features & inclusions

Our hosting is provided through AWS infrastructure, and comes with all the best practice configuration and inclusions to get the most out of your site performance.

Per-Minute Uptime Monitoring

Per-Minute Uptime Monitoring

Websites are monitored every minute by an independent monitoring company.

Automated SSL Certificates

Automated SSL Certificates

We take care of secure certificates for your site, so your visitors are always secure.

Unlimited Disk Space

We don’t meter disk space, so you can build and host larger sites with ease.

Global CDN

Global CDN

Amazon Cloudfront Content Delivery Network ensures that your site is loaded with the same speed globally.

Speed Optimisation

Speed Optimisation

We use HTTP/2 and PHP 7.4 to get the very best speed performance out of your site.

SFTP/ SSH Access

SFTP / SSH Access

Only the securest access provided: Use SFTP or SSH with secure randomised passwords or your public key

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